Multichannel Inventory Management Software

The Challenge

You’ve worked hard to build your online business. You are successful, but you’ve found managing your inventory, orders, and marketplace accounts has become overwhelming. You struggle to keep your inventory in sync across your markets, price your items competitively, and ship your orders quickly. You know you can be even more successful, but you don’t know the next step to take.

The Solution

To take your business to the next level, you need a tool to help you quickly receive inventory, set or refresh stock quantities, update bin or shelf location, bulk edit your inventory with a powerful online inventory filter. With features designed to keep you ahead of the game, Monsoon Marketplace’s multichannel inventory management tools are your secret weapon for dominating the competition on Amazon, eBay, and more.

Multichannel Inventory Management

Do you sell your products on multiple marketplaces? Are you constantly adjusting the available quantity on each market or picking which items to list on Amazon or eBay in order to avoid overselling items? Is your feedback on the markets dropping due to cancellations? With Monsoon Marketplace, listing your inventory for sale on multiple markets is a breeze.

Easily receive your products

Use a barcode scanner or import a text file to receive your products into Monsoon Marketplace.

Maintain Accurate Inventory on All Markets

Monsoon Marketplace keeps your inventory in sync across each market.

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Sell What You Want, Where You Want

Monsoon Marketplace gives you the flexibility to decide which items you want to list to which market.


  • Monsoon Marketplace keeps me winning the buy box and the service team is there whenever I have a question or need help.

    Louise McNulty
    Louise McNulty Family Fun Shoppe
  • Monsoon Marketplace helps us leverage FBA, and has been a massive growth driver for us.

    Martin Young
    Martin Young Positive Noise
  • Implementing Monsoon Commerce Suite has increased our profits by 20% each month. We spend less time working and more time doing things we love.

    Will Land
    Will Land Accessory Export, LLC
  • We took Half Price Books online more than eight years ago and the automated services by Monsoon have kept our operations and order fulfillment covered.

    Kent Hedtke
    Kent Hedtke Half Price Books