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Win the Amazon “Buy Box”, & eBay “Best Match” with Monsoon’s repricing tool

We know how hard it is to keep up with the ever-changing competitive landscape on the marketplaces. New sellers list the same products you sell, other sellers run out of stock, your competitors change their prices to drive a competitive edge, and you are left struggling to stay on top. To stay competitive in a global eCommerce environment, you need a dynamic tool to check pricing on the online marketplaces in real time and adjust prices according to your pricing strategy. Start winning the Amazon “Buy Box” and the eBay “Best Match” today!
  • Create custom pricing strategies defining which factors to use when pricing an item, or use our pre-built strategies

  • Define groups of inventory based on a wide range of criteria and assign pricing strategies to these groups

  • Ignore ‘Lowball’ competitors to protect against noncompetitive pricing

  • Set up price floors and price ceilings to manage possible variation that could affect your cost or likelihood of sale

  • Apply pricing rules, floors, and ceilings on items individually or in groups

  • Focus on the Buy Box winner and price against them exclusively

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Monsoon’s powerful dynamic repricing features

eBay Variations

Monsoon allows you to create eBay Variation Listings, a feature many of our competitors completely lack. A variation listing allows users to group variations of the same item (the classic example being T-Shirts of different sizes and colors) and create one consolidated listing that allows the user to select values from drop-down boxes to select which combination of values they want to purchase. Making use of variation listings also helps sellers dominate the eBay search results page, since it will drive the combined traffic of each variation to one listing.
eBay Variation Listings
eBay HTML Listing Templates

HTML Listing Templates

Monsoon has an extremely powerful Template Engine that automatically builds listing templates for items being listed to eBay, but also allows users to customize the information and appearance of the listing via built in tools to makes changes via HTML and special tokens. Templates can be made for individual items, or assigned to inventory groups.

Realtime Automated Repricing

The Monsoon Marketplace Software is designed to continuously scan eBay to check for changes in pricing for products in your catalog. Once a price change has been detected, Monsoon will update the live eBay listing and adjust prices according to your pricing strategy. The repricing feature works to keep you competitive and is your secret weapon for dominating the competition on Amazon, eBay, and more.
Advanced Repricing
Automatic Product Updates

Automatic Product Updates

Monsoon automatically detects when a product’s information has been changed, be it the description, a new image, a removed image, or detail change, and updates the live listing accordingly. Monsoon monitors the marketplaces in real time to look for product changes, and also detects changes you have entered. Users only need to update the product once in Monsoon’s inventory management panel and all active listings, will be sent updates to reflect those changes on every channel you sell on.

Multi-Channel Inventory Sync

Monsoon automatically synchronizes inventory quantity across all active markets, making sure inventory never gets over-sold, and reducing the need for cancellations. In addition, Monsoon helps you quickly receive inventory, set or refresh stock quantities, update bin or shelf location, and bulk edit your inventory with a powerful online inventory filter. With features designed to keep you ahead of the game, Monsoon Marketplace’s multichannel inventory management tools are designed to help you dominate your competition not only on eBay, but other marketplaces as well.
Multichannel Inventory Sync
eBay Advanced Listing Rules

Advanced Listing Rules

Monsoon understands many eBay sellers have limits to the number of listings they can post at one time. With this in mind, Monsoon created advanced listing rules to allow you to maximum your listings on eBay while complying with your caps. With the ability to create multiple listing rules based on a large set of criteria (such as category, quantity on hand, classifications, weight and more) and assign the maximum number of SKUs in each group to list at a time, you have control over your listings. Your products that match a listing rule will be listed automatically.

Automatic Item Specifics Mapping

eBay uses traits called Item Specifics to express special characteristics of items, which vary between categories. Monsoon refers to each market’s method of displaying this sort of information as Channel Attribute Definitions, and uses a unique mapping algorithm to determine the equivalent method of expressing a detail across markets. So a flashlight that has a ‘Brightness’ rating on Amazon can display the same information as it’s ‘Lumens’ value on eBay without user intervention. Monsoon also alerts users to what fields are required by an item’s eBay category and prompts them to provide it before creating a listing.
Insightful Analytics
Good Till Cancelled

Good Til Cancelled

Good Til Cancelled, or GTC, listings on eBay are listings that automatically renew after 30 days, instead of expiring and having to be relisted. This is an important feature because it preserves the listing’s history. Listing history is a prime factor in how high on the search result page a listing will be displayed when ranked by popularity. The longer a listing has been active, the more popular it will be, so the higher up the page it will be. That means as far as eBay’s search engine is concerned the listing has never been taken down, so it’s history remains intact, and it’s popularity continues to grow.

List FBA items on eBay

Many marketplace sellers have taken advantage of the benefits of Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA). Amazon handles fulfillment and customer service for you, thus freeing you to find the best products to sell. But what if you want to broaden your audience to include eBay customers? Monsoon will list your FBA items on eBay as well as Amazon and keep your available quantity in sync across both markets. When an order for one these products is placed on eBay, Monsoon automatically submits the order to Amazon for fulfillment.
List FBA Items On eBay

Our Solution

  • Multichannel Inventory Management
    Synchronize your multi-channel eCommerce inventory in real time, and never sell what you don’t have.

  • Automated Bulk Listing
    List your products on multiple marketplaces at once with our automated bulk listing tool.

  • Dynamic Repricing Engine
    Dominate the Amazon “Buy Box” & eBay “Best Match” with Monsoon’s robust dynamic pricing tools.

  • eCommerce Order Management
    Monsoon Marketplace management software provides more effective and efficient multi-channel order fulfillment.

  • Amazon FBA Management
    Using FBA comes with its own set of challenges. Monsoon offers features to help you get the most out of Fulfillment By Amazon.

  • Account Management
    As your business grows, you’ll benefit from having an experienced account manager review your strategies.

  • Software Implementation
    We create custom implementation plans so you’ll know exactly what you’re getting & how it works.

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