Multichannel Marketplace Management

You’ve got a business to run. Let us increase your sales with our multichannel marketplace management tools!

Monsoon specializes in helping you generate the sales you want from your marketplace channels.  Our multichannel marketplace management tools include automated listing, repricing, and order fulfillment features. Monsoon is the end-to-end eCommerce software solution that puts you in the driver’s seat . Sign up with Monsoon to reshape your eCommerce business into something special.

Monsoon Tools

Multichannel Inventory


Synchronize your multichannel eCommerce inventory in real time, and never sell what you don’t have.
  • Automated inventory adjustments across all channels
  • Smart inventory management feature removes your listing when stock is exhausted.
  • Automated process of selecting when and where items are listed for optimal results.
eCommerce Inventory Management

Advanced Data


Make better decisions based on actionable data.
  • Gain visibility into your supply to identify products with the most promise
  • Protect yourself from stale inventory
  • Make the marketplaces a tool for your success not the other way around

Dynamic Repricing


Dominate the Amazon “Buy Box” & eBay “Best Match” with Monsoon’s robust dynamic pricing tools.
  • Set up automated pricing rules to beat the competition in a way that makes sense for your business.
  • Protect your margins with fluid price floors and by ignoring competitors low-balling the market
  • Unique pricing rules for Amazon and eBay
dynamic repricing tool
Online order management

eCommerce Order


Monsoon Marketplace management software provides more effective and efficient multichannel order fulfillment.
  • All of your orders at your finger tips.
  • Prioritize your orders and ship your rush orders first.
  • Integrations with Desktop Shipper, Endicia, WorldShip and other shipping platforms.


By Amazon

Using FBA comes with its own set of challenges. Monsoon offers features to help you get the most out of Fulfillment By Amazon.
  • Manage FBA shipments and ship the package to the right fulfillment center every time.
  • Our FBA Sync feature ensures accurate inventory levels and updated status of your FBA shipments.
  • List your FBA items on eBay (and other markets) with ease.
FBA Management
Automated Bulk Listing Tool - Monsoon Inc

Automated Bulk Listing


List your products on multiple marketplaces at once with our automated bulk listing tool.
  • Take the guesswork out by setting listing rules for each market and your items list automatically
  • Listing rules based on criteria such as quantity on hand, category, inventory age and more
  • Unique page designs for eBay listings for better impact on potential customers

Featured Case Studies

Positive Noise

Ten years ago selling on eBay and Amazon was manageable. Now, new competitors with more aggressive pricing emerge frequently and without warning. After partnering with Monsoon, Positive Noise leveraged the dynamic pricing of Monsoon Marketplace to win the buy box and reap the benefits of FBA.

Family Fun Shoppe

Online retail is warp speed, all day, every day. Our dynamic pricing tools and inventory management will keep you competitive, get you more wins, and increase your revenue the way we helped Family Fun Shoppe. Our people will make sure your eCommerce strategy and operation is on top of its game, every day.