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Monsoon Implementation
When you work with us, you’ll start with our sales team to ensure that we match our solutions to your needs. A good fit for you and your business is more important than a quick sale. Even before a sale is made, your Software Implementation Project Manager designs a custom implementation plan so you’ll know exactly what you’re getting, and how the process will work.  We’ll go through your training, get the software installed, and answer your questions. When you’re ready to launch, you’ll have the support and training to do it right.

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Our 4 step implementation process

  • Initial phone call

    Before the sale is completed a phone call will be scheduled with an Implementation Project Manager to gather information about your business and technical systems. We will discuss system requirements, product data, and data formatting.

  • Build a project plan

    After the initial phone call, our Implementation Project Manager will build a custom implementation project plan, and review the plan with you. This will help you understand the process, timeline, and our terms of service.

  • Setup & installation

    Once the project plan has been accepted and the software has been purchased, we will install the software on your computer. We will take care of importing all data, data manipulation and prep, customize your settings, and enable your marketplaces.

  • Training

    Our full featured training program includes online Webhelp, the Information Exchange Blog, FAQ’s, and online training. Our training resources are updated frequently and are available to our customers any time and can be a valuable resource for employee training.

Monsoon Marketplace in 2015

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400 Million Dollars - Total annual Monsoon customer gross market value
6 million - Number of items re-priced by Monsoon every hour
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40 Million Dollars - Total annual sales of largest customer