Monsoon Marketplace Comparisons

 How do we compare?

Monsoon Marketplace is a multi-channel listing and selling solution developed by a team of knowledgeable professionals with a background in eCommerce sales. The software is designed to help merchants handle increased sales volume on online marketplaces. Monsoon makes it easy to manage your inventory in real-time across all marketplaces at once. Adjust stock levels once, and Monsoon will sync your inventory everywhere. Our event driven repricing tool will help you dominate the Amazon Buy Box and stay competitive online. Monsoon prides itself on remaining stable and reliable. We do this by staying up to date with the daily updates of the online marketplaces and ever-changing technology.

The Competition

Most marketplace software companies focus on winning the Amazon Buy Box. They might throw some algorithms into the mix in an attempt to push up the average price point or promote a long list of new markets that have yet to grab any real market share.  Those concepts all have merit, but the real problem is that retailers simply feel trapped. Amazon is often the primary channel for sales, but margins are shrinking to where there is no ground left to give.

Monsoon, Inc.

Our philosophy is different. While it is important to win the Buy Box, and Monsoon excels at that- it is also critical to make sure that you are properly feeding your business with the right products at the right time.  Questions like “what you should sell?”, “where you should sell it?” and “are your suppliers keeping their value?” are top of mind.  We put our experience to work for you with hands-on guidance aided by analytics before we let our software work it’s magic.

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