Case Study: Tunes Online
CD’s, DVD’s, & Albums

Dramatic sales growth on multiple marketplaces

“The key for us is inventory management in real time that updates listings on all marketplaces simultaneously”
– Chip, co-owner, Tunes

Monsoon Marketplace since 2010

Transforming a love of music into a thriving business

They’ve known each other since high school. Buddies and ex-DJs Chip and Anthony poured their hearts and souls into selling music. Their brick-and-mortar stores taught them the value of thrift, and the world’s love of all things used. So where do a couple of guys go to grow? They expanded to five retail stores. Then they hopped online. What happened next is the stuff of which Heroes are made.

The Problem

The hassles of marketplace selling mount up quickly, particularly when expanding to international markets. Chip and Anthony needed to manage inventory so it would instantly de-list from every marketplace. They were also seeking a way to re-price quickly across global marketplaces.

The Solution

The dilemmas of Chip and Anthony’s world of Tunes were answered with Monsoon Marketplace. Dynamic pricing, inventory control, and even seamless management of outsourced fulfillment proved to be critical components to their success.

The Results

15% annual sales growth. This growth was due to reaching new buyers in online marketplaces. Constant re-pricing across markets helped keep Tunes competitive but also maximize profitability.
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Key Takeaways
  • 15% annual sales growth
  • Reached prospective buyers in international markets
  • Automated re-pricing to maximize profitability