Case Study: Family Fun Shoppe

  • Family Fun Shoppe Amazon
  • Monsoon software increased revenue through in crease sales in the Amazon marketplace

  • Improved profitability and increased efficiencies from automation

  • Use repricing software to automatically re-price inventory throughout the day & compete more effectively

“The software is incredible, it really allows you to be competitive in an area where you have to be… I win the buy box frequently, and I know my competitors are wondering how I’m doing it.”
– Louise McNulty, Family Fun Shoppe

The Problem

While sales were brisk in the beginning, staying competitive has become increasingly difficult as additional sellers have come to Amazon. “For the first two years, I did a lot of business,” said owner Louise McNulty. “But Amazon lets anybody sell toys. This increased competition to the point where my annual sales began to decrease every year.” The increased competition resulted in rapid price changes, decreased sales, and lower profit margins. “I had 500 items, and it would take me an entire day to price competitively,” said Louise. “I would put up a single price and somebody else would immediately put up a lower price. Simply re-pricing my inventory took up most of my time.”
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The Solution

After months of continued decline in sales, Louise decided it was time to take action. She began the search for a service provider who could help keep her pricing competitive and ultimately chose Monsoon Marketplace. “I found that the Monsoon Commerce solution not only had the dynamic pricing capability I needed, but it also allows you to do a lot of other things. I view the software as another employee, a part-time person, someone I pay to go in and check my prices every day; though a person couldn’t do it nearly as well or as often as Monsoon does it.” Family Fun Shoppe uses Monsoon Marketplace today and its patented dynamic pricing continues to be a competitive advantage. The fully Amazon integrated software, not only helps with repricing but also with inventory and order management.

The Results

As a result of using Monsoon Commerce’s Marketplace product, Family Fun Shoppe was able to increase their sales on Amazon by offering more competitive prices. Additionally, they have also seen improved profitability through efficiencies in integration and automation which increased their profit margins. Louise now uses the time she used to spend on repricing focusing on the more strategic aspects of her business.

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Key Takeaways
  • Drive top line revenue through increased sales in Amazon marketplace
  • Automatically re-price inventor throughout the day to compete more effectively
  • Improve profitability and increase efficiencies from automation
  • Focus efforts on strategic parts of the business