Case Study: Dream Books Company, LLC

Online Book Retailer

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– David, Owner; Dream Books Company, LLC
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How it all began

David started the Dream Books Company out of his parent’s basement a few months after graduating high school. He was looking for a way to make some extra money during college, or as he put it “a lemonade stand”, and thought that selling books on Amazon was a great way to go. He approached his mom who gave him a loan of $1,000 from her Best Buy credit card, which went to buy a computer and some initial inventory. Because he was very busy with college and homework, he expected that selling would provide enough income so he wouldn’t have to go out of the home and get a job. What he didn’t realize is that he would be putting more work into Dream Books than a full-time job at the time.

The Problem

Dream Books was well into its 2nd year when David’s business started experiencing significant growth. He was a semester away from graduating college and had just secured a lease for his first warehouse space of 5,000 square feet! At this point in the business, David decided to recruit his most crucial employees, his parents and siblings. With fast growth came some growing pains. The first problem they encountered was the unforgiving amount of time it took to receive and list products on the online marketplaces. One employee would work 8 hours just to list 100 to 200 items. Another problem they encountered was the consuming amount of time it took to pull the orders, print the labels and ship the items. David realized it was time to find a solution to streamline their business and greatly increase their productivity.
“We were spending 5 hours a day shipping out around 100 orders, and our employees dreaded receiving inventory. With an immediate need for structuring and organizing our business, I looked to Monsoon as key tool to addressing this pressing problem. One of the most important elements in a provider to me was finding someone who could scale up with us as we grew our business.”
dreambooks employee
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The Solution

Dream Books found their solution with the Monsoon Marketplace software suite. With an inventory receiving system that automatically lists items for you, the only thing Dream Books has to do to list their items is wave a scanner over a UPC. This has allowed them to increase their product listing from 200 items a day to over 1200 items with only one employee. Because of their ability to drastically increase the number of items they listed every day, their orders also skyrocketed. After initially installing the software, their orders increased from 50 to 200 per day. This has steadily continued to grow and they are now shipping well over 1000 orders per day. Despite the increased amount of orders, they are able to fulfill and ship all of these orders in the same amount of time it took to ship 50. David and his team took advantage of Monsoon’s knowledgable support and account management team to help guide him through his growth and improve his sales.
Dream Books Warehouse
“From the beginning, Monsoon completely changed my perception of the business. Common areas of grief and frustration became areas for improvement and strength building. By basing our model around Monsoon allowed us to create an organized and systemized process that has allowed us to experience surreal growth. From day one, we were always limited by how much we could process in a day. With Monsoon, the only limit was how quickly we wanted to grow.”
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The Results

As a result with partnering with Monsoon, Dreambooks was able to go from 3 employees to over 15 happy employees in a very short time. Their ability to increase their item receiving, from 200 items a day to over 1200 items a day allowed them to increase their sales tenfold. They were able to cut down on tasks that they were doing multiple times, and reduced time on others. This gave them valuable time to complete other tasks such as shipping and fulfillment of their increased orders. Their ability to get guidance from a knowledgeable group of industry professionals allowed them to implement best practices which extended to every aspect of their business.
Going forward, it is David’s goal to become the largest online book retailer in the US. He believes he can accomplish this by using his sharp business acumen, skilled business projections, and using Monsoon software to continue his business growth.
David Dream Books

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Key Takeaways
  • Half Price Books is easily able to price their products competitively, keep up with order fulfillment and ship their products hassle-free.
  • Half Price Books has been able to streamline its 120 store locations into one comprehensive shipping account
  • Endicia and Monsoon Commerce handle the seasonal spikes and long-term growth of HPB — more than 2 million packages shipped just last year and a 100% volume spikes every back-to-school season