Open Source Contributions

We believe in contributing to the open source community

At Monsoon, we use Open Source software in some of our projects. We believe in a healthy open source community and that a community stays healthiest when its members contribute. Because of this, we are contributing a few of our popular open source projects below.

Check out these project in Github

etcd Document Accessor

A simple wrapper around CoreOS’s etcd client library to push, pull and watch data in etcd. Monsoon uses it to push configuration changes to running services to help eliminate down-time.

Stomp Writer

A Go language io.Writer implementation that publishes what’s written to a STOMP message broker such as ActiveMQ, Apollo, or RabbitMQ

Go Language Tripping Hazards

This document is a guide for people that are learning, or plan to learn the Go programming language. We hope that by sharing this list we can save new Go developers from making the same beginner mistakes we did.

Go Logging Package

A simple logger for Go

Go statsd Client

A wrapper utility meant to further simplify the publishing of statistics in statsd. At Monsoon, we use it in all our cloud software to give us insight into the health and performance of our infrastructure.

Go Cryptography Utilities

A repository that contains two functions to simplify the encryption and decryption of text using the AES algorithm

Mock Stomp

Mock Stompo is a Go language tool used for unit tests. We developed it as a way to test a function whose purpose is to produce a stomp message.

Mock Writer

A library for a mock IO Writer – We use this in conjunction with Mock Stomp and our logging package for thorough unit testing

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