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About Us

With nearly two decades of experience, we offer more than just a powerful set of eCommerce software tools.  We have helped hundreds of retailers increase their sales and profits over the years, but we also see the changes inherent in online selling and we understand the new challenges that you face.

We are excited to announce new ownership in 2017. With Dave Hersh and Matt Wilkinson leading the way, we are bringing about the introduction of new tools and services to help you navigate the evolving world of eCommerce.  From the inclusion of data analytics to the introduction of demand generation, we want to help you to create success beyond getting the Buy Box on Amazon.  We want to help you to uncover the true value of your business which is easily lost when trapped in the daily fight for online survival.  We want to help you to rise above the competition by leveraging the story of what makes you and your business unique. We want to partner with you to create something special.

An eCommerce Partner Worthy of Your Business Goals

Whether it’s strong leaders, industry recognition, innovative thought leadership, or the gateway to a promising career, you can count on Monsoon to be by your side, all the way.

Account Management

Our Account Management team works with Monsoon users to boost sales and profitability by sharing hands-on business advice and industry best practices. We offer a team of experienced account managers who help you review strategies and identify opportunities for fine-tuning and improvement. Since every business is unique, we tailor our consultations and optimization strategies to meet your individual goals. Our account managers are seasoned eCommerce professionals who provide valuable insight for online merchants that other solutions simply can’t match.

Software Implementation

Bringing a deep understanding of Monsoon product features, our Implementation Project Managers design custom plans for our new customers. Each implementation is tailored to your business, and gives you a solid foundation of training and technical knowledge before you receive your first order. When your implementation is complete, you’ll have all the tools you need to sell competitively.

Customer Support

Our team of customer support experts works directly with customers to assist in configuring, operating and troubleshooting the Monsoon Marketplace software. By listening and creating an atmosphere of partnership, security and trust we are a business partner in our customers’ success.  We place valuable knowledge at the fingertips of our users.  Regular communications and online resources are essential services we provide to help customers solve problems and optimize the use of our software.  Our customer support team members are dedicated to attaining a high standard for customer service with quick response times and an excellent customer satisfaction rating.

Product & Development

At Monsoon, we’re committed to helping our customers work smarter.  From back-end data services to a robust software product, our Product and Development team delivers next-generation product and services to our growing network of merchants.  We know our development solutions have a direct impact on customers’ success.  Our Product Management team listens to the customer and market demands to ensure the software delivered is both dependable and innovative.  We produce best-in-class software for the eCommerce marketplace with a team that finds creative solutions to complex development problems.
Monsoon Careers

We’re looking for innovative, positive individuals who want to help us improve and succeed.

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