Many companies have a difficult time adjusting their marketing strategy to college students. In fact, many businesses receive training for that specific reason. The truth about college students is that they’re a great market that you should certainly pay attention to. The problem with most businesses is that their approach to marketing for college students is wrong. Just like any market, you have to be knowledgeable of their needs and wants.

Here are a few things you should know about marketing for college students.

They Will Enter the Workforce

Sure, college students don’t have expendable income. You probably won’t sell much to them unless you’re in the Ramen noodle business.

Think of college students as an investment.

They don’t have much money now, but before you know it they’ll graduate into the workforce. At that time, they’ll be ready to buy your fantastic products and services that they couldn’t afford before.

Invest your time in marketing for college students because it’s beneficial for your company. Your efforts will pay off once your consumers graduate and become full-time employees.

They Will Share Your Content

College students aren’t just consumers. They’re a part of your marketing team.

Your business should market for college students because they have a high social media presence. They’ll share your content if they truly believe in your company’s vision. It turns out that 43.5% of millennials use social media to share products or services.

Social media is used to create an identity. People use Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms to create a persona. They want friends, family members and strangers to perceive them a certain way. This identity is shaped by what they post, like, comment on and share.

College students have grown up with social media. It’s a part of their life. Target college students and create content they resonate with, and they’ll share it online with people who have money.

College students are an extension of your marketing department.

They Are Brand Loyal

Social media is a tangible representation of people’s identity. Their beliefs are permanently recorded for all to see.

Since 43.5% of millennials use social media to show their support of products and services, it’s safe to say your business becomes a part of their identity. This makes them brand loyal.

College students will stick by your brand and show their support. By using social media, consumers welcome your business into their life. It becomes a part of their persona. Supporting your company is something consumers want to express to the public. This is evident with the college student demographic.

They Use Social Media

Your company needs a strong social media presence to market for college students. It’s where they spend a lot of time, absorb information, share their day and explore new products.

Social media is your opportunity to interact with your consumers, especially college students. Conduct market research and find out the needs and wants of college students in your target demographic, and then use social media to engage them on these needs.

You should start conversations and use relevant hashtags. See what’s trending. If it relates to your company, see if your product or service is a solution.

Many companies don’t understand that social media isn’t a place to post advertisements. It won’t work. Social media users see right through promotional content, and posting it will be seen as an act of betrayal.

Instead, you should post relevant content that’s an extension of your brand. It’ll help consumers, and they’ll find value in it.

They Like Detailed Content

Your content should be engaging and detailed. It should help consumers in the same way your product helps consumers. College students want to share content that’s helpful and meaningful, because it reinforces the positive persona they want to identify with.

Your content should also go beyond the business façade — it should be personal and trigger certain emotions. It will help your business resonate on a personal level that people can relate to. Consumers, especially college students, will become brand loyal.

They Want a Customer Experience

All consumers want to be heard. They want to make sure their problems are addressed and that you, as a business, care about them — this is especially evident of millennials.

Social media has given college students more of a voice than ever before, and they like to use it. A bad customer experience could result in a long thread of negative tweets, or a carefully worded Facebook post.

A positive customer experience will bring a completely different reaction. Millennials won’t hesitate to praise your business and tell their social media followers about your company. Make sure your customer service is excellent.

Too many businesses ignore college students because of their low to non-existing income, but they are some of the best consumers and will spend more money after they get a full-time job.


Lexie Lu, Design Roast - @lexieludesignerAbout the Author

Lexie Lu is a freelance UX designer and blogger. She enjoys researching the latest design trends and always has a cup of coffee nearby. She manages Design Roast and can be followed on Twitter @lexieludesigner.