What is the Amazon Buy Box?

When there are many sellers listing the same item on Amazon, the Buy Box provides a convenient check out option for customers when looking at a product. A prominent box on the right side of the product listing, the Buy Box allows buyers to add the product to their online shopping cart with simply one click.

Amazon Buy Box


Why is the Buy Box Important?

82 percent of all sales in Amazon go through the Buy Box.

The Buy Box is a proven way to grow product sales on Amazon. A seller gains the following important leverage when they are listed in the coveted Buy Box:

  1. Visibility
  2. Credibility
  3. Exclusivity


6 Tips to Increase Your Chances to Win The Amazon Buy Box

So how do you win Amazon’s Buy Box? The Buy Box is determined by a complex algorithm that Amazon does not reveal – but there are tried and true methods to obtain this desirable piece of real-estate on the product page. Winning the Buy Box is a combination of having great reviews, superb delivery metrics, Featured Merchant status and earning the highest Buy Box score, which is influenced by several factors. In our white paper, Five Strategies to Increase Your Chances of Winning the Amazon Buy Box, we provide an in-depth explanation of these factors, in addition to steps and tips sellers can take to reach Buy Box success.

  1. Positive Seller Feedback
    Seller feedback is considered a key in obtaining the Buy Box. Studies have provided evidence that this is likely drawn from product feedback on the individual item and the seller feedback overall average. You will want to make sure that your customer experience remains at or above 98%.
  2. Pricing Strategy
    Having a low price is an important factor in the Buy Box formula. Keep in mind that, it is the “landed price” (i.e. the total price, plus shipping), which determines the chances of you getting the buy box. This means you have to keep on your toes, as pricing for competitors may change often. That is why it is important to use an automated repricing tool to keep your prices competitive in real-time.
  3. Quick and Efficient Shipment
    Quick and efficient shipping is thought to play a role in the Buy Box. How fast it needs to be really depends on your product – some products may be just fine taking a week or two to ship. However, if you’re competing against two-day shipping from other sellers, you’ll need to step up your game. When it comes to shipping, speed is great, but meeting your customer’s expectations is also necessary. No one likes it when things take longer than expected, and the Buy Box agrees. Of course, using Fulfillment by Amazon eliminates your need to think about offering speedy shipping because Amazon handles it for you.
  4. Track Your Packages
    Just like speed, package tracking has become the norm for almost all online sellers. It is generally agreed that this plays a role in the Buy Box, so it’s worth making this a part of your shipping procedure. Again, using FBA is recommended, as tracking is automatically sent to customers when Amazon’s in charge of the fulfillment process.
  5. Quickly Respond to Seller Feedback
    Speed isn’t only important when it comes to the customer receiving their items. Response to customer issues can also affect your seller rating, which can affect your chances at the Buy Box. You’ll want to fix your seller feedback rating as quickly as possible so as not to lose Buy Boxes – so make sure you’ve got plenty of alerts set up to deal with negative feedback.
  6. Keep Your Order Defect Rate (ODR) Low
    This is perhaps the most complex element of determining Buy Box eligibility. Comprised of a combination of customer feedback, chargebacks and claims, ODR is meant to be an overall indication of your performance. If your ODR reaches 1%, then you will lose Buy Box eligibility. What this means is that you will need to work to avoid mistakes with your orders.


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