MonsoonCommerce-Logo-Shapes_Only-Twitter-250x250pxFounded in 2002, Monsoon Commerce has been helping merchants sell on marketplaces for well over a decade. We’ve grown and evolved as our customers grew and their needs changed. We’ve always focused on providing the best platform for marketplace sales optimization and growth, and we partnered with best partners to provide a complete solution for our merchants.

As international marketplaces grew and our merchants wanted to sell globally – moving money around the world easily and at a competitive exchange rate became a common question. Ten years ago, we partnered with World First to help our merchants sell overseas. In those ten years, World First has established itself as a leading provider of international payments by offering online sellers access to overseas receiving accounts and competitive exchange rates when repatriating sales revenues. Together, we’ve helped hundreds of merchants easily grow their business beyond their domestic borders. We’re looking forward to the next 10 years of our partnership and if you’re looking to grow your marketplace sales domestically and internationally, check out Monsoon Marketplace. Together with World First, we can make the world seem a lot smaller.

Complete copy of the press release celebrating the occasion is below…

World First and Monsoon Commerce Celebrate 10 Years of Working Together

Monsoon Commerce, the leading provider of eCommerce software, today marks 10 years of working with World First, the international payments specialist. This longstanding partnership has helped cross-border online sellers gain access to competitive exchange rates to allow them to bring more of their money back to their home currency.

The sheer pace of globalization and technological change naturally presents huge opportunities for cross-border trade, especially for online sellers, but the move into new markets and territories is not without barriers – currency transfers is one such hurdle.

World First has established itself as a leading provider of international payments by offering online sellers access to overseas receiving bank accounts and competitive exchange rates when repatriating sales revenues – the savings could be much higher compared to an international bank transfer or the default transfer method offered by international online marketplaces.

Commenting for Monsoon Commerce, Genny Rapp said: “We are proud to mark the important milestone of ten years in partnership with a global player like World First, Monsoon Commerce prides itself on partnering with a complete network of technology, business and consulting professionals, providing the resources their clients need for success. This partnership assists sellers in expanding overseas and reaching new customers, all while ensuring they can repatriate their revenues at cost effective rates.”

Commenting on the partnership, Seth Harvey from World First said: “Our aim is to make it easier for online sellers to sell more goods across borders, and to send their money home at great exchange rates. The move into international markets represents an exciting time for any merchant, but it can also be challenging as the list of things they need to consider can appear daunting. Monsoon Commerce offers a full suite of services every online seller needs to increase revenue with maximum efficiency in every channel.”

About Monsoon Commerce

Monsoon Commerce is an eCommerce software company powering the success of thousands of retailers by driving billions of dollars’ worth of customer orders each year. Our award-winning solutions help merchants effortlessly manage orders, inventory, and fulfillment, as well as sell more products to more customers, more often through online marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, and

About World First

World First is a global leader in the international payments market. Experts in foreign currencies and money transfer, World First helps businesses, online retailers, and private individuals make payments quickly, securely and transparently. Known for its excellent customer service,World First has successfully exchanged more than £36.5 Billion for over 78,000 customers since 2004. Having licences to operate in 45 countries, World First has more than 400 employees across 6 international offices including London, Sydney, Washington DC, area, Austin, TX, Singapore and Hong Kong. For further information, go to

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