This is a guest post by BC-Unlimited.

Images for your Amazon listing are like the foundation of a home. With some extra attention to detail, you too can make the images you need to portray the quality of your business and products. Here are a few things to keep in mind when taking Amazon product photography that have helped us increase some of our BC-Unlimited clients’ sales by over 400%.


The Right Format

First of all, we keep it simple and consistent; we almost always stick to .jpeg format images that are square 2000 x 2000 pixels. Large enough for Amazons zoomable feature to work great and always square images for brand consistency. Also, we always use sRGB color mode so that the computer screen shows natural colors.

Amazon Product Photography

Remember Amazon’s Rules

Next, let’s talk a little about what type of images to have on your listing. The main images need to be of the product by itself with a
“pure white” background, and the product needs to fill at least 85% off the picture. All you need to get the pure white background, right lighting and some quick tweaks in photoshop. The better the lighting, the less work you need to do in photoshop.

Amazon Product Photography

Infographic Images

Then we recommend having a few infographic images. These are images of the product from different angles with text and/or graphics on the image highlighting features and/or benefits that make your product stand out. You worked so hard on your copy in your listing, so let’s put it to use on your images as well!

BCUnlimited Guest Post - Image #4 image5


Lifestyles Photos

Now that you have a clear product image and a few infographic pictures, we recommend adding a lifestyle image or two. That is usually the product in a lifestyle setting, like on a cool table or in a car with a few props like a cell phone or keys for scale.

BCUnlimited Guest Post - Image #6

“What’s in the Box” Image

The last of the key images is a “what’s in the box” image. One image of everything that comes in the package, including the package.

image7Lifestyle with Models

Now that you have your basic images, you can also boost the quality of the listing by including a lifestyle image or two with a model. These are the images you might need to outsource to a place like a media production agency, that will create professional images at a very reasonable price for you.

BCUnlimited Guest Post - Image #1

This guest post is courtesy of BC-Unlimited,  a media production agency that focuses on product and commercial photography as well as video productions solely for eCommerce businesses. The company is run by the husband-and-wife team Cornelia Pauline, a former professional commercial model and serial entrepreneur, as well as Ben Claybrook, the creative director and head of photography at BC-Unlimited. The agency consistently focuses on increasing the sales of their clients through their great work and improving their productsbrand awareness. If you would like more info about good DIY lighting or tips for Photoshop, Commercial Modeling, Ad Videos, etc. make sure to visit our blog on our website and subscribe to our email list.