Many marketplace merchants look for various approaches for their product to stand out from the crowd. Many times, the discussion focuses on price and being the lowest Amazon promotion display priced products available. However, having the lowest priced product is only half the battle. The other part of the problem many sellers struggle with is discovery – how can they make sure that their product comes up in the search results and catches the buyers attention.

An answer that a surprising amount of Amazon and eBay merchants overlook is coupons. When sellers learn of this option, they’re pleasantly surprised to learn of new ways to drive sales via coupons and promotional discounts on Amazon and eBay for their products.

Amazon actually provides a very flexible coupon system to allow you to offer promotions in a way that makes the most sense for your business. It allows you to limit the coupon usage to specific items, value and amount of use per coupon. As such you can create 1 time use coupons to track and limit usage or you can create coupons that can be used by numerous customers. Amazon allows you to set active date ranges, as well as customize the messaging that accompanies the coupon use, from checkout text, to detail page text.

Deep in the system, there is a hidden gem, especially for Private Label sellers: For merchants that win the buy box (which you always should as the product owner) the coupon system allows you to provide text to display on the product detail page and in search results. This means that having a coupon available for your products will let your item standout in search results, which leads to more views and additional sales.

Because Amazon’s coupon system is so robust, we encourage you to visit Amazon’s tutorial for understanding the different promotion options creating coupon codes .

Promotions on eBayFor eBay, there is a similar optimization available. Although creating promotions on eBay will not give you a direct advantage in your listings’ search results rank; your listing does get designation of an ongoing promotion and eBay confirms that sales of all items with a special offer will count as a sale for each item’s listing. As a result, the listing will automatically move up in rank in Best Match over time as sale is taken into account in the Best Match algorithm. Additionally, by creating offers on eBay you are funneling buyers from search to shop your items alone.

Another eBay program that sellers should consider is the eBay Daily Deals. According to eBay, it is the one promotion that drives the most sales for their merchants and helps merchants get their inventory moving. A high performing item that participates in Daily Deals will continue to see a boost in Best Match search results even after the promotion ends.

As you try to grow and optimize your marketplace sales, consider using coupons not only to drive sales, but to make your listings more discoverable and stand out from the crowd.

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