eCommerce resource roundup

We’ve rounded up the best eCommerce merchant resources we saw in the last week. Guides and tutorials on SEO, branding, fulfillment, social media and AdWords. No matter what role you play in your companies eCommerce success, there is something here for you.

  1. 17 Ways to Boost Your E-Commerce Conversion Rates (

    One tip is to include trust seals on your site. “48% of visitors rely on them,” states Template Monster. Trust seals uplift conversions by 40%. Faster speeds can also boost conversions. “51% of US buyers leave a slow site,” some 47% of users expect a site to load in 2 seconds.

  2. 3 Simple Image Optimization Tricks To Increase Your Online Store Traffic(

    These three tricks are instrumental in explaining to Google what your site images are about.

  3. 7 Actionable Personalization Tips to Retain Your Holiday Shoppers in 2016(

    While personalization has been a hot trend for a couple of years now, 2016 will see it move from an optional extra to a requirement for any successful business.

  4. Tips for Increasing Sales on Black Friday (

    Q: What is the biggest mistake you see online retailers making during holiday time?
    Performance, performance, performance. If your online store isn’t loading quickly, or worse isn’t loading at all, then you’re pretty much doomed. Customers will quickly leave for a competitor.

  5. How To Perform An Analysis Of Your Ecommerce Data(

    In this article you’ll see the ecommerce data we analysed from By Charlotte, our Jewellery store case study.
    You learn how to turn the data into insights and test hypothesis and later how to prioritize them for implementation and a/b testing

  6. 5 eCommerce Fails and Fixes(

    Sadly, on many sites the shopping experience leaves a lot to be desired, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are some of the common eCommerce fails shoppers encounter, along with tips on how websites could do better.

  7. How to develop an integrated Paid Search and SEO strategy for ecommerce (

    Examples and best practice advice on how to maximise your digital marketing reach with an integrated PPC and SEO approach.

  8. Tips for Avoiding the Island of Misfit Ecommerce Deliveries (

    Here’s my take on three of the most notable missteps – along with several helpful hints for how you can avoid some of the “abominable” delivery concerns they represent.

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