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For majority of eCommerce merchants, this is the busiest time of the year, leading into the holiday shopping season. There is no time to catch up on the latest news, tips and tutorials to optimize your eCommerce business. To save you time, we’ve rounded up the best 9 eCommerce merchant resources we saw in the last week. Guides and last minute tips on SEO, branding, video, design, social media and AdWords. No matter what role you play in your companies eCommerce success, there is something here for you.

  1. How to Use Content Marketing to Sell Products Online (

    A proper content marketing strategy for an eCommerce store serves numerous purposes, including: Raising brand awareness, improving ranking on SERPs, better user engagement to attract new customers and nurture current customers, provide better support by means of helpful content such as how-to videos, user manuals/product guides and other advisory content to aid customers naturally down the purchase funnel.

  2. 10 How-to Video Examples for Merchants (

    How-to videos can establish your expertise, promote your products, and entertain and inspire viewers. Some focus on conveying information, while others are mainly about fun. Video lengths range from six seconds to ten minutes. Distribution tools include YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Vine, and more.

  3. Online store web design: homepage structure (

    Redesigning your online store is easier than you think. But before you select colors, fonts and images, you need a clear idea of what your homepage structure will look like. Ask yourself the following questions: What information is essential for my customers? Where and how can I position this information?

  4. 5 Ecommerce Site Design Trends for 2016 (

    In 2016, ecommerce websites may start to look a lot more alike as designers use a similar set of user interface design patterns, employ cards and card-like layouts, and even use similar ways to get new email subscribers.

  5. Pinterest Launches Dedicated Shopping Section (

    Pinterest started adding a buy button to pins back in June, and today those buyable pins are becoming even easier to shop. First, buyable pins are rolling out to Android, so they’re now available on both of Pinterest’s mobile apps. But the bigger news is that Pinterest is also making buyable pins much simpler to find through The Pinterest Shop, which is essentially a store inside of Pinterest that’s composed entirely of buyable pins.

  6. 7 Ways to Improve Your Google AdWords Quality Score (

    Understanding Google’s AdWords Quality Score is a must for any business that’s serious about pay-per-click advertising. Put simply, the AdWords Quality Score measures how effectively your campaigns provide useful content to people searching in Google. Earning a good quality score means creating ads that are highly relevant to your target keywords and your landing pages.

  7. 10 Obvious Mistakes eCommerce Websites Are Not Fixing (

    I’ll present the most common mistakes the eCommerce websites keep on doing. These mistakes can cause potential clients to move on to competitors and question your company’s credibility.

  8. How to build a brand online: Tips from Kickstarter, Zalando & more (

    With social media, mobile devices and the internet in general growing more pervasive and integral to life every passing day, ecommerce brands are faced with a situation befitting that of a greek tragedy.

  9. Quality, Not Quantity, Of Product Info Matters Most In Gaining And Retaining Shoppers (

    We’re now able to see a direct correlation between the quality of product information and conversion, abandonment, returns, and more. What’s so valuable about this study is that the findings are actionable. Poor product content is such an easy and affordable problem to correct and the now-documented benefits of doing so are overwhelming.

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