As your eCommerce business grows and the tasks that were once easy to do when you were small become bottlenecks, often retailers are not sure what systems or technology they need to solve the problem. Should they be looking at hiring more help, looking for a supplier portal, finding a new shopping cart, or another back-office system?

Here are five common situations when your business can be helped by an order management software (OMS).

You are increasing the number of sales channels.

When you add a second webstore, open a retail location, or sell on marketplaces like Amazon or eBay, you need the ability to handle all of your sales channels in one system. Without a central system, you will often run into problems such as inventory information quickly getting out of sync leading to overselling of items or for your fulfillment team having to get orders and update each cart, POS, and marketplace platform.

You are finding mistakes in data entry, shipping, purchasing, invoicing, and accounting.

Copying and pasting between your carts, your shipping software, and your accounting software can lead to mistakes for you and your customers.  An OMS is able to handle your inventory, order, customers and suppliers. This means that one software platform can handle multiple parts of your business minimizing the needs for integrations and copying-and-pasting data from one program to another.

You are having trouble keeping up with customer demand.

First, congratulations on your growth. It sounds like you’re doing many things right. As merchants grow to over 50 orders a day, this is when we typically notice processes that were completed manually before start to break down. Handling of backorders and inventory errors, screening for fraudulent orders, matching POs and invoices, and ordering the right amount of inventory start to become a problem if they are all completed manually. An order management software can automate and improve many of these process, saving you hours each day.

You encounter inventory surprises.

Orders are continuously coming in, and you need help keeping up with information about them. You need a system that can keep Quantity on Hand (QOH) consistent. Not only is it important to have update inventory counts across all your sales channels, it’s also important to keep track of inventory that’s arriving to your warehouse. In real life, ordered quantity, expected quantity and most importantly received inventory is often different. If you ordered a dozen items, your supplier promised ten but only shipped seven, you need a software to track the entire replenishment lifecycle. An order management solution is designed to help you manage inventory from order to sale and through return if necessary.

Your staffing costs are increasing, but your efficiency is not.

No matter how much you increase your staff, at some point you need a software solution to help with customer communications, order processing, and inventory management. Barcoding to help you keep track of inventory, location codes for keeping track of location, and different pick and pack workflows are just some of the efficiencies an order management platform can bring to your business.

If any of the above situations sound like something going on inside your business, it’s time for you to look into an order management system such as Monsoon OMS. It will automatically route an order to the best source, prioritize backorders, seamlessly notify customers of delivery time and, most importantly, address exceptions in the processes. If you choose the right system, you will see a significant improvement in workflow and efficiency, decreased order costs, reduced inventory costs, and a marked decrease in fulfillment errors.

To learn how Monsoon OMS has made a huge impact on our customers, check out some of our success stories from an apparel retailer and mobile device accessories company.  Learn more about select Monsoon OMS features here and if you’re looking for more information, download our whitepaper on Choosing the Right OMS for your Business.

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