It is likely one of the most common questions retailers hear from their customers every day: “Where is my order?” With the release of the enhanced Order Status System (OSS) for Monsoon OMS, we aim to arm our customers with a proactive platform to address this question.

What it is:

OSS is the most recent release in our new Monsoon Commerce App Store.  OSS provides retailers with a web portal to share up-to-the-minute order status information with their customers, anytime, anywhere, 24/7. Retailers can embed OSS into their web store or link the customer to a hosted order look-up page, which can be skinned with their store’s theme and branding, creating a seamless user experience.

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OSS is compatible with Monsoon OMS v7 and higher.

Key Features:

Status events:
OSS leverages the dozens of status events within Monsoon OMS, and reports on these details in real-time.  A few key events include:

  • Confirmation order received
  • Confirmation payment received
  • Order Backordered
  • Ship Date Entered
  • Tracking Number

Tracking for split shipments:
OSS supports multiple tracking numbers for split shipments, one of the biggest challenges in order management, and a feature few carts support.

Supports phone and manual orders:
One of the unique benefits of OSS is its ability to provide order status data information even for orders that don’t flow through an online shopping cart. This means that customers who place orders via phone, email, or other manual methods can use OSS as well, a significant benefit to both the retailer and their customers.

Multiple Ways to Communicate Order Status:
Through OSS, retailers have multiple options for communicating order status to their customers. They can include a link to the order status screen in customer service communications, or customers can visit the retailer’s website or OSS platform and enter their zip code and order number.


OSS is a powerful tool for improving overall customer service. Providing customers with control over when and where they can access real-time order updates means happier buyers and more repeat business.  It also drastically reduces order status inquiries from customers, saving retailers time and money.

Want to learn more about OSS for Monsoon OMS? Visit the Monsoon Commerce App Store.