partners-amazonThis week, Amazon turns 20. To celebrate its birthday, Amazon has proclaimed July 15th to be Prime Day, with “more deals than Black Friday.” Looking to reward their most loyal customers, this shopping event is exclusively for Prime members from around the world. With deals happening as often as every ten minutes and unlimited free shipping, new and existing prime members in the U.S., U.K., Spain, Japan, Italy, Germany, France, Canada, and Austria will have access to this event starting at midnight.

Deals on this day will span across many of the product categories, including toys, video games, electronics, DVDs, clothing, garden furniture, sports and outdoor items. And because Amazon is encouraging participation by extending a free 30-day membership trial of Prime, it is certain to attract a massive amount of shoppers.

Prime Day will put marketplace sellers on Amazon in a great position. Here’s why:

  • Prime Day offers all third-party sellers—particularly FBA sellers—an amazing opportunity to showcase their products and get a cut of the action.
  • FBA sellers were notified weeks of this event in advance, and many will be showcasing deals on Prime Day.
  • Even sellers who aren’t leveraging FBA can still get their products noticed and take advantage of the additional traffic. To do so, they should consider discounting their products and/or offering free shipping to ensure their listings are competitive with FBA deals.

Other retailers are responding to Amazon’s Prime Day with their own special deals and free shipping offered on July 15th, particularly Walmart. With huge deals across retailers and a vast number of categories, July 15th is gearing up to be a major retail event.