Amazon and Amazon Marketplace present a massive opportunity to sellers, as well as an extremely competitive market for most retailers today. With over 25 top-level categories currently represented, the assortment, pricing, and competitive dynamics of this complex ecosystem can say a lot about your category’s present and future in eCommerce, and the importance of real-time visibility into your competitive landscape.

Check out the infographic from price and product intelligence provider 360pi below and find out:

  • How many products does Amazon really sell?
  • How many Amazon Marketplace sellers have only one listing and how many are mass merchants?
  • Which categories are growing the fastest?

Get all the details in this <a href="http://discover.360pi you can try″ target=”_blank”>infographic (PDF).

360pi info2

About 360pi

360pi derives profitable insights from product and pricing big data to help leading omnichannel retailers, etailers, and brand manufacturers compete and win with shoppers.