Monsoon Commerce Suite, Monsoon Marketplace, and Monsoon OMS Make Their Debut

As a company who has served eCommerce retailers for more than a decade, we are no strangers to change. In fact, Monsoon Commerce has been at the forefront of making change happen in our industry from the very beginning, with early launches of order management and marketplace management software before these were established categories. Since then we have evolved multiple times, and today we are excited to announce another evolution, this time with the launch of new product names and a fresh new website.

Before we dive into why we made those changes, I think it’s important to take a look back. Every company has a story behind its brand, and given how long we have been offering solutions in the eCommerce space, we have a long story to tell, but I’ll keep it to more recent history.

Back in 2011, the company was made up of three disparate brands: Stone Edge Technologies, Monsoon, and Alibris. At that time, we aimed to create a brand identity that was cohesive and comprehensive. Enter Monsoon Commerce, the primary brand that united the software and commerce / marketplace divisions of the company. Alibris retained its name on the marketplace side, and we gave a nod to Stone Edge—and its founder, Barney Stone—with our order management product name on the software side.
Along with the company name, we introduced a new logo – an iconic design that was easily recognizable, and a simple embodiment of what we help make possible for our customers. The shape represents a mountain, with Monsoon Commerce the bottom triangles, visually lifting up our customers (the green triangle) to help them grow and prosper.

Fast forward a few years: What was once a new brand has been firmly established in the market. And, on the software side, while our core focus as a company has remained the same, our technology has evolved to ensure our customers capitalize on the opportunities available in the retail space. As our mission statement reflects, our goal is to:

Provide small and medium sized online merchants an efficient, affordable, and reliable suite of software products to better manage internal flows and enable them to capture the increasing market opportunities in eCommerce.

Building on this mission, most recently we have transformed our business model by aligning our products and services to create a powerful suite unrivaled in the eCommerce landscape, which leads us to our current brand initiative. We needed to make a few changes to our brand that help better reflect this transformation, and that reflect who Monsoon Commerce is today and aims to be going forward. With that, I am pleased to introduce:

  • Monsoon Commerce Suite, the integrated solution that combines our market-leading capabilities.
  • Monsoon Marketplace (formerly Monsoon Pro ), the complete solution for sustained, cost-effective sales growth on marketplaces.
  • Monsoon OMS (formerly Monsoon Stone Edge), the comprehensive order management system that drives efficiency and profitable growth across channels.

I am also very excited to announce the launch of our new website, which has a fresh look and feel, with updated visuals and messaging.

The primary goals of our rebrand are to clearly and concisely communicate:

  • Authority and alignment of our product offering
  • Thought leadership, and the deep expertise of our team
  • Who we are today as a company, and who we strive to be in the future

We also wanted to create a more customer-centric, rather than product-centric, approach, particularly with our messaging. For instance, when a retailer visits our website, we want them to feel that they have entered into a community that understands their needs and pain points.

As anyone who has been through a rebrand knows, changing elements of a brand and creating a new website from the ground up is not a process that occurs overnight. The end result is the culmination of months of discussion, of redefining who we are and where we are headed. It’s not just about naming, it’s about strategy and products as well.

And while the end result may appear simple—in the end, we didn’t reinvent the wheel with these product names (though we definitely considered it!)—we feel that these changes clearly and effectively set the stage for our expanding suite of products and services and reflect our progressive vision for the future, while also communicating that we are deeply rooted in our core identity.

I invite you to visit us at and take a look around. Let us know what you think of our new approach by adding a comment or dropping us a line. We would love to hear from you.