partners-ebayIf you follow marketplace selling, you’re familiar with the challenges and opportunities each marketplace offers. Depending on who you ask, either Amazon or eBay represent your biggest and best channels for growth.

eBay in particular is under scrutiny for a sales decline in 2014, but an uptick in the first quarter of 2015 provides an optimistic outlook. This is especially the case for small to medium-sized sellers, eBay’s sweet spot, and a group that makes up the majority of the global retail market.

While some third-party software providers are looking elsewhere for growth opportunities, we see a wealth of new growth potential from sellers looking to expand their eBay exposure or sell on the market for the first time. Most Monsoon Commerce sellers see 20-30% of their marketplace sales come from eBay, with many reporting 50% or greater market share.

To help capitalize on this potential, we have ramped up our long-time partnership with eBay. As a founding member of the recently re-vamped and re-launched eBay Certified Provider Program, Monsoon Commerce sellers can enjoy a host of exclusive benefits to ensure they launch and sell successfully on eBay.

The program provides new sellers with promotional eBay Store pricing to keep selling costs to a minimum, access to eBay’s Merchant Support Organization for expedited higher selling limit approval, and a guided launch from our team to put sellers on track to Top Rated Seller status by adhering to eBay Best Practices.

The combination of Monsoon Commerce selling tools and the massive buying audience of eBay is a powerful duo that can increase seller revenues and improve margins.

Monsoon Commerce selling tools allow sellers to utilize eBay specific pricing, offer numerous shipping options (Free, Expedited, International), and put sellers in control of the inventory they list, at their target price, and for how long they want to list it.

In addition, sellers can customize listings, set handling time and return policies, add eBay item specifics, add images, set store categories, manage PayPal refunds, and much more.

If you’re an existing Monsoon Commerce seller interested in learning how you can capitalize on the additional revenue stream opportunity eBay offers, contact the Monsoon Commerce Account Management team for guidance to optimize your sales and margins.

If you’re new to Monsoon Commerce and want to learn more about our products and services, contact our sales team to learn more.